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A Bit About Me

Barry Murphy is a visionary. Throughout is 20-year career in commercial real estate, he has always been on the forefront of the newest trends.

As a broker, his clients always counted on him to guide them to the perfect solution, not just for today, but for the future. He regularly worked with America’s largest corporations working to understand their strategic vision and then create specific real estate solutions that best aligned with their business objectives. Early on in his career and living in the oil and gas world predominant in Oklahoma City, he took it upon himself to become an industry expert and lead the C&W Clean Energy and Technology specialty practice group. He was the lead real estate consultant working with General Electric on the site selection and construction project of their $125 million GE Global Research Oil and Gas Technology Center. Here GE scientists at the hub engaged in developing advanced pumps that increased the flow of oil and gas out of the ground, well designs with a smaller environmental footprint and technologies for CO2 capture, transportation and storage.

Barry has been a member of the Executive Committee for the C&W Alliance Offices, which are located in 42 cities across the country. He relishes his opportunity to work with owners and leaders of some of the best independently owned and operated commercial real estate firms in the nation. His level of involvement and participation highlights his commitment to looking forward and his passion for exploring and building industry standard best practices.

As a principal of Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Oklahoma, Barry started the OKC office as a one-man shop and worked to build the office into one of the premiere real estate service providers in the Oklahoma market. He is known in the real estate community as a leader and a person of character and strong integrity.  He currently sits on the board of the Oklahoma City Commercial Real Estate Council and is a member of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).

Beyond his career highlights, Barry spends much of his free time researching new technology and business trends. As an early adopter of AI technology, he is currently brainstorming and experimenting with various integrative technology concepts that show great promise, specifically beneficial to the commercial real estate industry.

When he is not feeding his brain, he can be found in the great outdoors on a hiking trail, mountain bike or golf course.

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