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Laurie Turner



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A Bit About Me

Laurie Turner has spent more than 20 years in the real estate industry. Over this period, she has had one primary focus – finding and implementing solutions that make companies better. Her unsurpassed level of dedication, attention to detail, and pragmatic approach has elevated her to be recognized as one of the most impactful operations professionals in the industry. In an industry like commercial real estate, it is very easy for a company to lose balance. This can happen in several different ways; from being over-leveraged by successful brokers, to inefficient support structures, and even companies losing site of the core business and the people who drive it. There are a million ways that a company can fall out of balance, and that is where Laurie comes in.

She has a masterful understanding of all the interconnected parts of a business and understands how pulling the wrong string can undermine what has taken years to build. She has a keen ability to identify the unintended consequences of a decision and addressing them before they become an issue. She can dig into the inner workings of a single broker team all the way up to interdependencies of hundreds of global offices.

Laurie brings a unique sensibility paired with unparalleled knowledge of how an effective company should be run.

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